Lavigne Tavern


Come in & enjoy these fine Beers on Tap.

Black Rock:  a beautiful Dark IPA from Stack Brewing in Sudbury 6.6% ABV

Grano Piquante: a smooth blonde ale infused with coffee & chipotle peppers from Stack Brewing in Sudbury 4.4% ABV

Saturday Night:  a light cream ale from Stack Brewing in Sudbury 5.3% ABV

Crosswind Pale Ale: although pale ale is one of the world’s most common beer styles, Crosswind is anything but. Lake of Bays Brewing company   5.0% ABV

Spark House Red Ale:  a true Irish-style red ale. Crafted naturally, this full-flavoured dark brew boasts a complex taste that sits high above the rest.  Lake of Bays Brewing company  5.0% ABV

Top Shelf Lager:  A light refreshing Canadian Lager which just happens be the Official Beer of the NHL Players Alumi  Association  Lake of Bays Brewing company 5.% ABV

Winter Weiss: This Dunkelweizen is deep brown with notes of cloves and banana's 5.0% ABV Muskoka Brewing

Lavigne Lager:  A traditional Canadian Lager brewed for us by a 100% Canadian owned Brewery 5.0% ABV Lake of Bays Brewing company